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Sustainable Investing

Your values matter. Invest accordingly.

Whether you’re an avid environmentalist, a casual recycler, or even indifferent to climate change, this truth is universal: Sustainability investing is a smart choice for many investors.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
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Good for the earth. Good for your wallet.

Aligning Personal Views and Environmental Values with Investment Decisions

With ClearView Investments, our clients can easily align their investment choices with their environmental views and personal values. There has never been a more practical, convenient, data-backed opportunity to do so.

Solid Performance

Overwhelming academic and industry evidence shows that sustainability investments perform equal to or better than conventional investments, and companies who care about
sustainability are likely to outperform those who are not environmentally and socially conscious.

Working with a View

Part of a Growing Movement

U.S. sustainable funds attracted new assets at a record pace in 2019. Estimated net flows into open-end and exchange-traded sustainable funds totaled $21.4 billion for the year. That’s nearly four times the previous annual record in 2018.


(Source: Morningstar Direct. Data as of 12/31/2019)

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