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Investment Philosophy

Our “evidence-based” investment approach is rooted in over 60 years of empirical data and peer-reviewed academic research. Basing our recommendations on hard evidence, not hunches, is essential for prudent decision-making.

We are one of a select group of advisors authorized to place our clients' money into funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors

Members of the Board of Directors of Dimensional include Nobel Laureates Eugene Fama and Myron S. Scholes, as well as distinguished professors of finance and accounting from Yale, University of Chicago, Stanford, and Dartmouth.


Dimensional manages over $582 billion. Since its inception in 1981, it has translated financial research into real-world investment solutions, permitting investors to capture all dimensions of what the market offers. It offers a full range of equity and fixed income strategies, designed to target higher expected returns.

Our clients have low-cost, globally diversified portfolios constructed with academic rigor. This is the type of investing that delivers market returns while reducing risk—and gives peace of mind when the market gets rough.


We have witnessed, firsthand, the harm that comes to investors whose advisors don’t adhere to an evidence-based approach.

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DFA Sustainability Funds

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Our Services Include:

  • Retirement income planning

  • Social Security analysis

  • College funding

  • Portfolio analysis

  • Investment selection

  • Ongoing investment monitoring

Overlooking Waterfall

We Can Help You:

  • Analyze your Social Security options.

  • Determine the most tax efficient investment vehicles available to you for retirement saving. 

  • Build an investment portfolio engineered around pension benefits.

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